Error Object

The error object is used to easily check for and output error messages for each validation property.

It is found both in the $errors and $silentErrors arrays.

export interface ErrorObject {
  $propertyPath: string
  $property: string
  $validator: string
  $message: string | Ref<string>
  $params: object
  $pending: boolean
  $response: any,
  $uid: string,


  • Type: String
  • Details:

The deep dot-notation path of the property this validation result belongs to. This will follow deeply nested objects.

  • Example:

$propertyPath: "form.users.address.region"


  • Type: String
  • Details:

The name of the current property, that is being validated.


  • Type: String
  • Details:

The function name of the validator, for this validation result.


  • Type: String
  • Details:

An optional message, when using withMessage helper on validator functions. All @vuelidate/validators validators have messages by default.


  • Type: Object
  • Details:

An object that holds a reactive object with optionally passed params to validators via the withParams helper.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Details:

A reactive property, telling whether the validator is still pending. Useful for Async validators.


  • Type: Any
  • Details:

The response returned from a validator. Most often a boolean, unless using the Extra Validation Data feature.


  • Type: String
  • Details:

A unique property, to use as a key when iterating over validation messages.